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The Basic Guide 10 Shochu Facts

10 Shochu Facts

Much like sake, shochu is a drink with deep roots in Japanese culture and history. While enjoyed across the country, shochu serves as a symbol of the unique culture of Japan's southern regions. Today, shochu is celebrated across Japan and has a blossoming reputation worldwide. Learn more about the indigenous Japanese spirit with these 10 shochu facts.

No additives. No agent. No sugars. No purin.

Average number of distillation rounds.

Number of GIs.

Average alcohol content.

Number of legally approved base ingredients other than sweet potatoes, cereal, sake lees, and sugar.

Percentage of shochu from Kyushu and Okinawa in 2020 FY.

Number of shochu distillery licenses in Japan in 2021.

Year of the first written record referencing shochu.

Amount of shochu exported in 2021.

Amount of annual production in 2020 (25% abv equivalent).


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