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Honkaku Shochu Awamori and Food Festival

A wide range of “Honkaku Shochu and Awamori,” “Gourmet,” and “Pottery fair” will gather at PayPay Dome!
You can have a sip of the proud Honkaku Shochu and Awamori from each distillery for free. If you find a favorite brand, don’t miss the chance to make a purchase during this event!

In addition, the “Gourmet” section will feature a vibrant gathering of food trucks offering specially curated menus of snacks that pair well with Shochu. And at the “Pottery fair,” beautiful potteries from representative kilns of Koishiwara ware, Hasami ware, and Arita ware will be showcased.
Please enjoy yourself to the fullest at PayPay Dome on July 8th (Sat.) and 9th (Sun.) for two days!

Venue : Fukuoka PayPay Dome

Event Date and Time :

July 8, 2023(Sat)12:00 PM to 9:00 PM ~ July 9, 2023(Sun)10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Tickets : Advance ticket: 500 yen | Same-day ticket: 800 yen

Honkaku Shochu/Awamori and Food Festival~World-Class Shochu Festival~

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